A Fake Google Car

A fake Google car is going through the CITY

[ 2010 > 2011 ]

An NEW urban interactive project by the Stomach Company [FR/ BE]

Concept & direction: Mathilde Maillard

Today, everybody can easily go on the Internet and find on Google maps the best way to reach a certain destination but also where to find the best ice-cream in Rome, where Tom Cruise lives, or where the best surf spots are located, or whatever!

With its new application “Google street view”, Google maps has been driving all around the biggest cities of the world in its famous Google cars, making pictures and videos of anything, from buildings and streets to people, cars and animals: It’s a social network even more intrusive than Facebook.

Where will it stop?

A fake google car is an urban project: our fake Google team will drive all around several cities in Europe and its suburbs in order to meet the inhabitants and propose to take photographs in their homes, with theirs dogs, children, etc. It could also go deeper…

Let’s see how people will react and make a small documentary that will be shown afterwards.


3 commentaires pour A Fake Google Car

  1. volodia dit :

    What a nice new project dear stomach…hoping to meet you soon and start to collaborate !!!


  2. Alex dit :

    So, what result?

  3. stomachcompany dit :


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