Experimenting Cities

Try to fit in a city, try to live in a city, try to find the best city where to live, to leave, to go, to find something, anything


Berlin- 08/01/09- Interview-

Thomas de Vrouw– Where are you during  january Colyne& Mathilde, while the world is crumbling?

Colyne and Mathilde –  In Berlin.

TdV What are you doing there?

Co&Ma– Well, last year, we came for ten days and the connexion we felt between Brussels and Berlin made us want to come back and do some things (to perform) in the city. For the moment, whe are here « to be taken » by the city, its streets, its places, its roads, its atmospheres. And letting things happen, we will catch them, collect them, and maybe show them.

tDv- Do you want to share this experience with people living in Berlin?

Co&Ma – For sure. We want to work around the idea of involve oneself deeply in a city, to become integrated into, or try to, or to be rejected!

« In other words we try » is our gimmick.

tdV- So, up to now, what did happen?



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